“It sounds like my old refrigerator but helps me to contemplate about life and to sleep.” 

– An anonymous comment on internet about Éliane Radigue’s music –

ÉLIANE is a contemporary dance piece that conveys the composer Éliane Radigue’s (b. 1932) composition I’Île Re-sonante (2000) as an embodied landscape. The piece is a performative dialogue with Radique’s music and philosophy. It invites us to think about our place in the cycle of nature, to contemplate about our relationship with ourselves and each other and about being in the world, to ask for a change

The work is a joint effort of Teemu Mäki and Maija Nurmio. The dancers are Nurmio, Jonna Eiskonen and Maija Karhunen. The piece is brought to light by Jenni Pystynen´s light design.

As a working group, we want to develop a collaborative approach in which everyone can work freely and ambitiously from their own expertise, within a single, defined framework, with self-discipline. We are interested in visioning the impossible and in the superiority of the imagination in relation to reality, the superiority of immaterial over matter. The collaboration arises from the desire to find and create another way of existence besides the human concept proposed by the consumer society. It manifests the importance of bodily experience and perception in our society.

 The premiere is in Vaba Lava Theater, Tallinn 14th of January 2020. The Finnish premiere is in Mad House Helsinki 18th of January.

Duration: c. 75 min, no intermission
Language: Finnish. Subtitles: English.
Age Recommendation 16+

ÉLIANE working group:

Direction: Teemu Mäki & Maija Nurmio
Choreography: Maija Nurmio
Dance: Jonna Eiskonen, Maija Karhunen & Maija Nurmio
Music: Éliane Radigue, I’Île Re-sonante (2000)
Text and Video: Teemu Mäki
Voices: Henni Kiri, Teemu Mäki, Olivia Pohjola
Light Design: Olivia Pohjola
Production: Henni Kiri
Picture: Teemu Mäki & Maija Nurmio