Festival opening!

The opening concert of the 30th anniversary of Jazzkaar is a bridge between productive symphonics Lepo Sumera and Erkki-Sven Tüür, and between Kirke Karja and Mingo Rajandi. Composers and jazz musicians Karja and Rajandi take the preferred works from the creations of Tüür and Sumera and recompose them to suit an ensemble of twelve. They look at the works from a new angle while binding in an original text that has been inspired by the initial material. Four composers are connected by the shared interest towards various ways of expressions and interesting soundscapes – a certain type of restless poetry, intuitive impulsivity and the accumulation and dissolution of energies.

Recompositions of the canonical chamber piece by Sumera – ‘A Piece from the Year 1981’ and ‘Architectonics I’ by Tüür are in the programme, but also ‘Antidolorosum’ from the repertoire of In Spe and ‘Piano concerto’ by Sumera and much more.