“Ruja” concert

Organiser Ekspress Meedia AS

The so-called “proge-period” of Ruja has become unknowingly unfamiliar to the general public.

It turned out that the material that had to appear in 1979 as LP is only part of it. From 1975 to 1980, Ruja wrote and recorded many films, theatrical productions and TV shows.

Also, a couple tape of Ruja’s concerts came to light in 1976 and 1978. So the second record, which gives a overview of the concert activity of Ruja and the theater and film music recorded with their participation, was made next to the main record.

Vinylrecords are accompanied by a bonus CD based on recordings by Ruja’s then sound engineer Mati Brauer, featuring a soundtrack on Ruja’s studio, Brauer’s interview with members of the band, and her own discussions on Ruja’s music.

In summary, the set gives a good overview of the music of Ruja from 1975-1980 and the multi-plan activities of Ruja.

At the beginning of the evening, Jaanus Nõgisto will introduce how the record and  the music was born. Liisi Koikson presents the delicest stories from this collection. Mikk Tammepõld´s band goes to the stage  in  second half of the event with Ruja’s and his own music.

You can also buy a records and vinyl at the event.