Teekkarispeksi: Keinolla Millä Hyvänsä

Teekkarispeksi: Keinolla Millä Hyvänsä takes the audience to prohibition-era New Orleans, where organized crime and corrupted law enforcement struggle over dominion of the city. In the midst of Mardi Gras, a family business slips into a perious path when the barber’s daughter takes a stand against police violence. What are the consequences of our choices? Do we create our own Hell with our own actions? What is the voodoo doctor planning in the dark alleys?
Teekkarispeksi is an ambitious, interactive full-length musical created by Finnish students and university alumni, mostly from the field of technology. Each year, over a hunderd volunteers come together to put together a show that meets any professional standards. Teekkarispeksi has been doing musicals for 30 years, performing to thousands of people all over Finland every year. And finally, the show is coming to Tallinn!
What makes speksi a special form of theater is the “Omstart!”. At any moment, usually when seeing something they like, any audience member can shout “omstart!” and the actors will improvise the last bit again. One can also add specifications to their shouts, for example “omstart, switch roles!” or “omstart, tell it with a song!”, or direct their shouts to dancers, band or lights.
Speksi is like theater, only more fun.
Performed in Finnish.
Directed by Antti Laine
Written by Okko-Pekka Klemola, Oskari Ojala and Jarkko Jalovaara
Showtime: 18.00