“Wake up! It’s time to die”

Organiser MTÜ Kirbutsirkus

Old traditional funeral rites are one of the very few mystical practices still being followed by Western cultures. All the death rituals and funerary practices have maintained their significance in natural religion communities, but these rites are beginning to lose their meaning in modern urban societies. It seems that the importance of living in the present is losing its spark. Thus, questions like “What have I accomplished in my life?“ and “Where am I heading?“ should be asked.

We die with each moment, and life dies with us. Therefore, we are entitled to our meaningful death as well as we are entitled to our meaningful life. In Wake up! It’s time to die the spectators are offered a chance to experience the rite of departure. The audience will be invited to perceive the transitory nature of life and celebrate the present moment – ever so often we are aware of time slipping like sand through fingers, but this does not mean that everything slips away.

The show consists of three send-off stories: Capitalism Is Dead, Today the War Passed Away and A Man Has Died.

 Karin Essenson (b. 1973) is an Estonian freelance dancer, choreographer, performance artist and curator. Jarmo Karing (b. 1978) is an Estonian choreographer and performance artist.

Premier on 13th January 2016.

After the second performance on 14th January 2016 there is artists´ talk with the audience.



  • Conceived and directed by Katrin Essenson and Jarmo Karing
  • Stage designer and assistant dramaturg Liina Keevallik
  • Co-production Vaba Lava
  • Photos Siim Vahur