Training Programme


Activities schedule

1st project year:  Producer Training

1st study cycle

20 and 21 February, 2016

Topic: International co-productions

  1. Introduction of the Interreg Central Baltic project Theatre Expanded (Kristiina Reidolv, Inga Koppel).
  2. Overview of international co-production houses in Europe and different production models.

Lecturer: Thomas Frank (the Vaba Lava curator, co-production house brut, Vienna)

  1. Sharing of personal experience as a producer, programmer and theatre manager in Germany and Austria (Thomas Frank, Mousonturm Frankfurt/Sophiensale Berlin/brut Vienna)

  1. Sharing of personal experience. Overview of the activities of the international co-production house HIROS in Brussels, Belgium. Production of performances by Belgian freelance companies in Europe. Example: Verein zur Aufhebung des Notwendigen or One Hundred Wars to World Peace directed by Christophe Meierhans.

The show was one of the productions on the Vaba Lava curated programme of the 2015/2016 season (Helga Baert, HIROS, Brussels, Belgium).

  1. Past the project horizon: stability beyond temporary project structures. Sustainable practices of non-emergence. The possibility for the future.

Lecturer: Helga Baert (HIROS, Brussels, Belgium).

The performance of Who is afraid of the Blind directed by Jaanika Juhanson at Vaba lava. The show is one of the performances of the Vaba Lava curated programme of the 2015/2016 season.

2nd study cycle

21 February,2016

Topic: Producing in theatre, process management and teamwork.

  1. Producing performances in Estonian theatre (stages of the production process, putting together the production team, budgeting).

Lecturer: Kaarel Oja, an independent producer.

  1. Sharing personal experience. Production process of Gender F, one of the performances on the curated programme of the 2015/2016 season.
  1. Teamwork: Theory and practice Part 1

Lecturer: Asko Talu (Vaba Lava, R.A.A.A.M)

  1. Teamwork: Theory and practice Part 2

Lecturer: Asko Talu (Vaba Lava, R.A.A.A.M)

3rd study cycle

5 March 2016, Tartu

Topic: Budgeting

  1. Tartu Centre for Creative Industries: Overview of the concept and activities. A guided tour of TCCI.

Lecturer Reigo Kuivjõgi (Member of the board of the TCCI).

  1. Budgeting in theatre at the example of the theatre Vanemuine.

Lecturer Toomas Peterson (General Manager of the Theatre Vanemuine).

  1. Large productions versus small productions. What makes the difference?

Lecturer Toomas Peterson (General Manager of the Theatre Vanemuine).

  1. A guided tour of the Theatre Vanemuine.

4th study cycle

26 March, 2016

Topic: Funding opportunities, writing and managing international collaboration projects.

  1. How to survive as an independent company in Estonia. Public funding of the performing arts in Estonia.

Lecturer Kristiina Reidolv (Member of the Board, Vaba Lava)

  1. International funding for performing arts festivals (Baltoscandal, SAAL biennaal).

Lecturer Priit Raud (Kanuti Gildi Saal, Artistic Director)

  1. Sharing personal experience: participation in international networks and collaboration projects. (Priit Raud, Kanuti Gildi Saal and the International Festival of Performing Arts Baltoscandal)
  2. Overview of different international collaboration programmes: Interreg Centralbaltic, Creative Europe, Nordic Council of Ministers.

Lecturer Külli Hansen (Estonian Business School)

  1. Sharing personal experience: practical tips for project writing (Külli Hansen, Estonian Business School).

Performance Ravemachine directed by Doris Uhlich at Vaba Lava

Rave party Every Body Boom! All Machines Welcome

5th study cycle

10 April, 2016

Topic: Stage management, sound, lighting, video and stage equipment

  1. The role of the producer in creating technical solutions for performances.

Lecturer Alo Puustak (Vaba Lava).

  1. Drawing up the technical rider for a performance. Taking performances on tour.

Lecturer Priit Mikk (Production company Amazing Productions, Director)

  1. A practical workshop: discussing the technical rider for a Vaba Lava guest performance Eifo Efi. (Alo Puustak, Priit Mikk)
  2. A tour of EVENTECH – Rental and sales of sound, lighting, video and stage equipment. (Andres Tomingas, Anton Kulagin)

A guest performance by the theatre company Mamaza (Frankfurt) Eifo Efi

6th study cycle

7 May 2016

Topic: Marketing, royalties and audience building

  1. Different marketing strategies.

Lecturer Urmas Villmann (Kontuur Leo Burnett, Creative Director).

  1. Sharing personal experience: marketing strategies at the theatre NO99. Lecturer Paul Aguraiuja (the Managing Director of NO99)
  2. Estonian Theatre Agency and /Royalties.

Lecturer Andres Laasik (Director of the Estonian Theatre Agency)

  1. Overview of the activities of the independent production house Forum Freies in Dusseldorf. Sharing personal experience: audience building at Freies Forum. How to attract interest in independent productions?

Lecturer Kathrin Tiedemann (Artistic and Managing Director of Forum Freies)

7th study cycle

14 May, 2016

Topic: social media; contracts and royalties

  1. How to use social media as part of marketing and communication strategies.

Lecturer Taavi Tammpere (Social Fly, Managing Director)

  1. Copyright law, contracts and taxes.

Lecturer Marko Lõhmus (Director of the Cultural Centre Lindakivi)

Performance Sculpting Fear directed by Julian Hetzel at Vaba Lava

8th study cycle

4 June, 2016

Topic: Theatre export IN or OUT 

  1. Introduction by Kristiina Reidolv (Managing Director of Vaba lava and Member of the Board)
  2. An overview: Estonian Theatre Abroad in the 1990s and 2000s.

Lecturer Madli Pesti (the curator of the Vaba Lava Curated Programme of the 2015/2016 and 2016/ 2017 seasons, lecturer of the Department of Theatre Studies, Tartu University)

  1. Theatre export and import in the 2010-2015 based on the statistics provided by the Estonian Theatre Agency.

Lecturer Kristiina Reidolv

  1. Discussion: Madli Pesti and Thomas Frank ( the curators of the Vaba lava Curated Programme of the 2015/2016 and 2016/ 2017 seasons).
  2. Panel discussion on theatre festivals.

Participants: Priit Raud (International Perfrorming Arts Festivals SAAL Biennaal and Baltoscandal), Paavo Piik (International Perfrorming Arts Festival Talveöö Unenägu), Per Ananiassen (Bastard-festival, Avant Garden theatre in Trondheim, Norway), Sandra Lapkovska (International Festival of Contemporary Theatre Homo Novus in Riga, Latvia).

Moderator Madli Pesti

  1. Overview: Latvian Theatre Showcase

Lecturer Sandra Lapkovska (producer of the New Theatre Institute of Latvia)

  1. Estonian theatre showcase Draamamaa Weekend

Lecturer Liisi Aibel (Estonian Theatre Agency)

  1. Panel discussion on theatre export.

Participants: Märt Meos (Theatre R.A.A.A.M., Member of the Vabalava Board) and Paul Aguraiuja (Executive Manager of Theatre NO99).

Moderator Kristiina Reidolv

Conclusion and final words by Krstiina Reidolv and Madli Pesti.

Season End Party PUNK(T)DISCO


2nd s project year: Artistic Intervention with Organisations

27-29 January 2017: Hackathon

Vaba Vorm participated in the 48-hour Creative Hackatron taking place on 27-29 January at the Baltic Film and Media School of Tallinn University. The event brought together designers, programmers, performative artists, investors and IT specialists. It was jointly organised by DIGIX, the startup incubator focusing on digital creative media, Tallinn University, Estonian Art Academy, Music and Theatre Academy, Estonian Business School and Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences.

22 February 2017: Open Lecture

Berlin-based video artists and digital arts experts Chris Kondek (USA, Germany) and Christiane Kühl (Germany) delivered an introductory lecture to create a background and prepare for supervising the process of artistic intervention at Vaba Lava. The lecture was attended both by Estonian and Latvian participants in the course of artistic intervention organised by the New Theatre Institute of Latvians the framework of the project Theatre Expanded.

February-April 2017: Workshops

Chris Kondek and Christiane Kühl conducted all-in-all three series of workshops involving a dramaturg, performative artists, video-artists and IT experts in a creative collaborative process (Piret Jaaks, Roland Laos, Barbara Lehtna, Taavet Jansen, Helen Kask).

a) 23 February-6 March

First series of workshops supervised by Chris Kondek and Christiane Kühl took place at Vaba Lava.

Kondek and Kühl supervised all-in-all three series of workshops involving a dramaturg, performative artists, video-artists and IT experts with the ultimate aim to create a performance Distringuishing Marks based on collaborative work. The process focused on involving innovative IT solutions in creating the show, whereas the other objective was to initiate a discussion about the potential benefits as well as dangers of digitalisation.

Several Estonian IT and digital solutions experts such as Taavi Kotka, Linnar Viik and Kristjan Lepik were involved as mentors in the creative process.

 b) 13-17 April, 2017

Second series of workshops supervised by Chris Kondek and Christiane Kühl took place at Vaba Lava.

Participants in the collaborative work Distinguishing Marks: the dramaturg, performative artists, video-artists and IT experts.

c) 8-22 May

Third series of workshops by Chris Kondek and and Christiane Kühl took place at Vaba Lava.

Participants in the collaborative work Distinguishing Marks: the dramaturg, performative artists, video-artists and IT experts.

15-17 March, 2017: Study trip

A study trip with 9 Latvian participants and 3 Estonian participants (Vaba Vorm) was organized to Helsinki, Finland, where they met practitioners and academics specializing in artistic interventions (AI) such as Anne Pässila (Lappeenranta University of Technology, ARTSEQUAL research initiative, Nordic Network PARTICIPATORY THEATRE IN THE DESIGN OF PUBLIC SERVICES), Kira O`Rillay (Lecturer of Ecology and Contemporary Performance at the Theatre Academy of the University of Arts Helsinki, leader of the MA pilot in Ecology and Contemporary Performance), Pekko Koskinen, an AI practitioner who has designed interactions and realities of digital and real life games for more than 20 years and Arja Miller, a performative artist whose main interests have been photography, installations, video and sound art. She is the Chief Curator of Collections at Kiasma, the Museum of Contemporary Arts.

2 May 2017: Open lecture

Open lecture and workshop were delivered by Kai Lehikoinen (University of the Arts, Helsinki, Finland), followed by mentoring of the Flexible Form.

Title of the workshop: Artistic interventions in organisations: artists and arts-based work in new contexts

Kai Lehikoinen held a 2-hour open lecture at Vaba Lava followed by a 1,5 hour workshop for performative artists and supervised Vaba Vorm (Flexible Form) in order to help elaborate an activities and business plan. Prior to the seminar Kai Lehikoinen had asked them to answer a range of questions and send in advance a description of the objectives and activities of Vaba Vorm that were analyzed and discussed together with the members of the production unit.

22 May 2017: Premier

The premier of the performance Distinguishing Marks by Chris Kondek and Christiane Kühl based on collaborative work involving experts from the IT sector was presented at Vaba Lava.

22-23 May 2017: International Conference

The project Theatre Expanded culminated with the two-day international conference The Future of the Performing Arts: Theatre Expanded. During the two days, participants from Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Sweden, Germany and the United States were tackling issues related to both institutional and organizational changes as well as artistic tendencies in the performing arts and future visions both for the society and the arts.

There were 3 sessions:

1) Organisational and institutional changes in the performing arts: the changing nature of work and organisations in the 21st century. Topics: new technologies in a changing world; performing arts policy and state funding respectively in Estonia, Latvia and Finland.

2) Artistic Intervention with Organizations. Topic: mapping the value canvas for artistic interventions in organisations. The results of the 2-year of Interreg Centralbaltic project Theatre Expanded were presented both by Vaba Lava, Vaba Vorm (Flexible Form) and the New Theatre Institute of Latvia.

3) The overall trends affecting performing arts: implications about the futuure. Topics: from representational theatre to data-theatre;  working with documents – yesterday´s news as source for dealing with today.

30 May, 2017: Study trip

Two members of the production unit Vaba Vorm made the second study trip to Helsinki  to continue discussing the details of the business and action plan for the activities of AI of the production unit Vaba Vorm (Flexible Form).

September 2016 – May 2017

The production unit Vaba Vorm organized 7 showings of short forms by different performative artists. The events took place at the Vaba Lava venue.